Recycle Sorting System

Recycling and waste disposal device expert maufacturer

Recycle Sorting System

Recycle Sorting System

Recycle sorting system

Essential equipment of recycling and waste disposal

  • 1

    Select carried in domestic wastes by kind, increase efficiency of recycling.

  • 2

    When establish to landfill and incinerator, reduce life time broadening landfill and destruction by fire fuel.

Kind of product

Manufacturer proposal and ordering producttion by kind that wish to select.
[Capacity : 10-100 Ton a day]

Product characteristic

  • 1

    injection is available according to is carried in by jumbo of hopper.

  • 2

    Control input by Rate Control of injection conveyor.

  • 3

    Decrease sorting number of persons by Rate Control of sorting conveyor.

  • 4

    Do special procurements design so that sorting by kind may be available.

  • 5

    Machine choice by sorting kind and employer optional feature.

  • 6

    When change parts, manufactured so that dissolution and assembly may be easy.

  • 7

    Sticking of plastic kind automatic sorting device is possible.


  • Recycling pretreatment by all domestic wastes kind

  • Pet/Plastic kind/ferrous/Non-ferrous metals/Wastepapper/Glass

Replacement and repair Shredder Blade.

  • 1

    As well as our company's product, other matters and repair parts replace of imports.

  • 2

    frame, roller, accessories assembly of control board etc.. and replace