Main business contents


Main business contents


  • Recycling pre-treatment
    (Waste Tire, Rubber, Waste Vinyl and Plastic, Food, PCB etc)

  • Incineration and Reclamation, RDF/RPF Pre-treatment etc
    (Bulky Waste, Domestic Wastes and Industrial Waste)

  • Other Waste Pretreatment(Fishing Net, Net, Styrofoam, FRP, Can etc)

  • Bag Breaker(Recycling and Incinerate pretreatment)


  • Post-process equipment for waste tire recycle plant

  • Post-process equipment for waste vinyl recycle plant

  • Post-process equipment for waste woods recycle plant

  • Post-process equipment for waste plaster board recycle plant

  • Post-process equipment for Shredding
    (Plastic/Pet/Can/Electric Wire/Waste Bumper/Stone/Rubber etc..)


  • Waste Paper and Plastic recycling pretreatment

  • Waste vinyl and plastic kind recycling pretreatment

  • Scrap irons recycling pretreatment with Can, Scrap

  • Domestic wastes reclamation pretreatment

Styrofoam Extruder

  • Waste Styrofoam volume reduction and Shredding, Compression

Recycling sorting system

  • Glass bottle/Waste plastic/Waste Paper/Can etc

Recycling and Waste disposal connection Plant

  • Food processing system
    (Sorting crusher/kiln/Agitator/Carrier/Silo/Dust collector etc..)

  • RPF manufacture and Pellet manufacture equipment
    (Shredder/Crusher/Desiccator/Dust collector/Adsorption tower/Extruder)

  • ncinerator and Incinerator mechanism

  • Transfer equipment
    (Belt/Slat/Apron/Screw/Twin Screw/Bucket Conveyor etc)

  • Steel Structure, Industry machine and Plant